Many objects that used to belong to Adolf Hitler will be auctioned in the United States, precisely in Chesapeake City, Maryland, US.

The Alexander Historical Auctions auction house announced that one of the items that will be auctioned is also one of Adolf Hitler’s former phones. The red phone is made by Siemens and it contains an engraving with the Hitler’s name and swastika.

The auction for the phone will start at $200,000 or $300,000.

The phone was taken from the Berlin bunker a few days after the war ended by a British officer and was put up for auction by the officer’s son.

This auction is considered to be very “sensitive” in France, just like the one that took place in 2013 when a Drouot auction house sold clothes of an inmate from a Nazi concentration camp.

After that 2013 auction was publicly announced, the auction house had to withdrew the item from the auction as a result of protests.

In my personal opinion this phone has some value. It should be purchased and put up for display in a museum.


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