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In the last few years it has become a “tradition” for Facebook to “lose” or expose personal data of Facebook users once every few weeks or months. This time, a researcher who works as an online security consultant, Sanyam Jain, discovered a database with 419 million Facebook accounts that included personal information. The database was stored on a server without being protected by a password and it could have been accessed by anyone with access on that server.

Nobody can exactly tell who owns the database or if it was created by Facebook by the phone number and unique ID associated with Facebook accounts were stored on that database, which is enough information to find out more about a person by searching online. Out of the 419 million Facebook accounts, only 133 million were from the United States and the rest from other regions of the world.

According to Gizmodo, Facebook officials denied the 419 million accounts number and said that the number of Facebook accounts included in the database was only half, but they have not provided an official number. Facebook also says that despite this situation, the database is older, a database that was created before the implementation of the feature that allowed users to search for other Facebook users based on their phone number.

Even so, the Facebook account ID can be used to identify people on the social network.

What is certain is that Facebook is losing the trust of Facebook users as the social network is proving to be very reckless when it comes to protecting the personal data of users.


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