Paris Hilton is living it up again. She is in a relationship with a Hollywood actor, precisely Chris Zylka, who is five years younger. However the two get along perfectly and it seems that Paris Hilton is more in love than ever before.

Paris Hilton’s love life was not great these past few years however Paris is convinced that the “The Leftovers” star is the one. The two have been dating since the beginning of this year and she only has nice things to say about him.

“The most beautiful feeling in the world is when someone looks at you like you were magic” Paris wrote online after posting a photo of her and Chris. Because they want to spend as much time together as possible, they are often seen going on vacations. Most recently Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka went on a romantic vacation in Tutum, Mexico and it appears Paris often posts photos of the couple writing only beautiful things about Chris.

We are very happy for Paris and Chris and we hope this relationship lasts.


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