The huge asteroid that just passed through our solar system might actually be an alien ship under disguise, according to researchers. The SETI organization ( Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence ) now plans to focus a powerful telescope on the space object in order to analyze it in detail. They will use the Green Bank radio telescope in the United States of America.

The asteroid, which was named Oumuamua  was detected for the first time in October of this year by astronomers from the Hawaii University. This is the first object from outside our solar system to visit us. The asteroid is hundreds of feet long, but it has a much smaller width. One thing to note is that asteroids do not usually have such weird shapes.

According to researchers, such a shape is suitable for interstellar travels because of reduced damages that can be caused by dust, cosmic gas and friction.

At this time Oumuamua  is at a distance from Earth that is two times the difference between our planet and the Sun.


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