opera web browser vpn feature

The Opera web browser for Android has received a major improvement. Precisely the browser now includes a free VPN service which is available for all Android users.

The new VPN service included in the Opera web browser allows users to set a virtual location to be used when browsing the internet, bypassing location restrictions. Unlike other VPN services available out there, the VPN service available in the Opera web browser for Android is completely free and it is also very easy to use.

Once it is activated, the VPN ( virtual private network )  feature randomly selects a server to intermediate the connection. The server can be located in the United States, Asia or Europe and the end result is that it makes you completely anonymous while browsing websites. Without access to your real IP address or location, this makes it more difficult for websites to restrict content based on location. For even better security, data exchange is done through encrypted connections which are very hard to intercept by a potential hacker.

The VPN client integrated in the Opera web browser for Android uses a 256 bits encryption algorithm and it randomly picks the location. Also, Opera makes assurances that the VPN servers do not keep logs about users and this makes it almost impossible to identify people who are using the service.

However, a VPN client does not automatically prevent third party apps from monitoring and storing your navigation history. We are mostly referring to social networks and products developed by Google. For full anonymity we should avoid logging into any service that has a record of our identity and to constantly delete our navigation history in order to delete Cookie files.




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