HBO, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Disney+ are not stealing clients from movie theaters, a new study shows.

Online streaming giants are not going to affect the viewing behavior of the people, a new study conducted by the EY and quoted by Variety magazine says. The study, ordered by The National Association of Theater Owners targeted 2500 people, out of which at 80% have seen at least one movie in a theater in the last year.

The study denies the fear of movie theater owners that they will lose clients because of the increasing popularity of online streaming. The data provided by the study indictates that the two are complementary and they are not “eating each other up”.

The National Association of Theater Owners in the United States has shown its disapproval of Netflix’s decision of not releasing Netflix productions in movie theaters and popular movies such as Rome or Outlaw King are only available online. Netflix however has allowed a few movies to be released in movie theaters at the same time as they were released online.

The study shows that the respondents who watched movies in movie theaters nine or more times in the last year have consumed more online content than those who went to the movie theater once or twice in the last 12 months. People who went to movie theaters at least nine times in the last year have viewed, on average, 11 hours of movies through online streaming a week compared to those who visited movie theaters twice in the last year and who watched, on average, six hours of online content a week.

“The conclusion is that there isn’t a war between online streaming and movie theaters” Phil Contrino said, the boss of the Media and Research Department of The National Association of Theater Owners. ” People who love this type of content are watching it on all platforms and each platform has its own place in the mind of the consumers” he also added.

Actually, people who don’t go to movie theaters that much tend to also avoid the TV shows and movies provided by streaming services, the study also shows. Almost half of the people in the study said that they haven’t watched a movie in movies theaters in the last 12 months nor watched online content. Only 18% of the people who avoid movie theaters decided to watch an average of 8 hours a week of streamed content.

The study also shows that teenagers also do not exclusively target online content. Most of the respondents with ages between 13 and 17 watched 7.3 movies in movie theaters and consumed 9.2 hours of online content a week.


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