Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the fact that Spike Chunsoft Studios has started the development of a virtual reality experience inspired by the One Piece series. So, One Piece Grand Cruise allows players to try out the life of a new recruit playing as Straw Hat Crew, exclusively on the PlayStation VR, in 2018.

In One Piece Grand Cruise players will get to explore the beautiful ship Thousand Sunny and will be able to meet the legendary Straw Hat Crew, including Luffy, Zoro, Nani or Sanji. Adventures will include intense ship battles, in which the correct handling of cannons will make the difference between victory and failure. The developers promises that players will be ale to make their own choices in the game and will be able to customize their gaming experience, feeling like real life pirates.

The One Piece Grand Cruise game will be released in 2018, exclusively for PlayStation VR.


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