NVIDIA has released the new GeForce GTX 1160 video card, a cheaper version of the GTX 1160 Ti video card released just a few weeks ago.

The new GeForce GTX 1160 video card aims to provide higher performance at a lower price for gamers with limited budgets, however it comes with many of the advantages of the premium model such as the Turing architecture.

The new GeForce GTX 1160 GPU is dedicated especially for gamers who want to play Full HD ( 1080p ) games.

According to NVIDIA, the new GTX 1160 video card should provide up to 30% more performance in Full HD games compared to the GTX 1060 GPU with 3 GB memory and up to 15% more performance than the GTX 1060 6 GB video card. Compared to the GTX 960 GPU, released almost five years ago, the performance is 110% better.

Theoretically, the new video card from NVIDIA should come as a replacement for older models.

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1160 video card packs a GPU equipped with 1408 CUDA cores, 6 GB of GDDR5 memory at a bandwidth of 192 GB/s and can reach speeds of up to 1.8 GHz in boost, with overclocking possibility based on the hardware. The turing architecture ensures a better energy efficiency compared to previous generations and access to technologies such as Concurrent Floating Point, unified L1 cache and Adaptive Shading, which is something that was available until recently on the RTX models.

The new GeForce GTX 1160 is available in stores right now and it can also be found in hardware systems built by MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS and others.


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