nvidia now
Nvidia NOW

For many years gamers had to choose between two big platforms: PC and gaming consoles, each coming with its own advantages and disadvantages. In the mean time, the technological advancement generated streaming platforms you can subscribe on and play your favorite games even if you don’t own a gaming device.

Made popular with the help of the SHIELD platform, the GeForce NOW games streaming service is appreciated because it allows gamers who do not own gaming computers to install and run PC games under optimum conditions using rented NVIDIA servers.

Compatible with PC, Mac and Nvidia Shield, the GeForce NOW gaming service will make its debut on the Android platform as well, as Nvidia wants to reply to the Stadia platform recently released by Google.

Gamers who want to play console games on PC using Android devices will get access to Nvidia GeForce RTX accelerators hosted in the United States and Germany, and other solutions will be announced very soon.

Nvidia recommends gamers they buy a bluetooth controller, most PC games not being optimized for touchscreens. Another request is to use a fast Wi-Fi connection, as mobile data has high latency for a pleasing gaming experience. Most likely this limitation will be even applied for new generation 5G smartphones.

Nvidia has not yet set an official release date for the GeForce NOW service but gamers can sign up for free to get access to the beta testing campaign.


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