A recently published study shows that the number of suicides in the United States of America has increased after the death of Robin Williams in 2014. Researchers noticed that after Robin Williams decided to leave this word by suicide, the number of those who took their own life increased by 105 in the first five months.

In the first five months after the suicide of Robin Williams, 10% more suicides than normal were recorded.

Even if we don’t know exactly if this increase was caused by the death of Robin Williams, authorities claim that some people might try to copy the way some celebrities died.

Experts say that irresponsible press attention of suicides can play an important role in the increase of the number of cases that copies an incident a celebrity was involved in.

Actor Robin Williams was found dead in August of 2014. When he died, many institutions warned that excessive press attention and the high number of articles with details about the actor’s death is a risk that might generate even more suicides.

The authors of the most recent study analyzed the monthly suicide rates between January of 1999 and December of 2015 to see if there is an increase.

They noticed that there was 18.690 suicides between August and December of 2014, which is an increased compared to the number they anticipated – 16.849.

In the weeks following the death of Robin Williams, there was a drastic increase regarding suicide references and death in mass media news reports, as well as more posts on suicide message boards.

David Fink, one of the authors of the study said that research showed that in the past suicide rates went up after a famous suicide but this was the first time when such as study was made in the era of non-stop news.


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