xbox 360 controller us navy

Last Saturday, the USS Colorado – the newest submarine of the U.S Navy – has started its service. With its inauguration we’re also getting an all time first: an Xbox 360 controller is included in the specifications of the submarine.

The Navy announced a while back that the new submarines that will enter service will stop using the classic periscope everybody was used to. IN return, they will be equipped with a form of extensible hook with photo cameras that can rotate to 360 degrees. Initially, these hooks were to be controlled with a joystick similar to the ones found in helicopters.

However, many operators complained with the fact that the joystick was very slow and hard to handle. So the engineers of the new submarines opted for an easier control method, one that is very easy to handle by the operators of the cameras. They mounted and configured an Xbox 360 controller to help operators handle the video cameras.

Moreover, the commander of the new USS Colorado submarine was thrilled with the idea and said that it’s not only ingenious but it is also an idea that will save the U.S. Navy a lot of money.


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