A new alleged image of the iPhone 11 has made it online and – if it’s accurate – it confirms the boring design of the upcoming iPhone 11 smartphone.

In the last few years Apple has made it a habit of revealing details about upcoming iPhone models and the company is making them unofficial, by leaking information online. This time we get a new image that was leaked, an image we doubt Apple wants you to see.

An insider of the industry known online as Mr. White has revealed many Apple devices over the years and now he releases an image that shows the skeleton of the upcoming iPhone 11.

In the image below we see the iPhone 11 will have the same design as iPhone models released in the past. What is changing is the camera system. On the iPhone 11 we’re gonna get three photo sensor. We also see two square holes ( placeholders for the microphone and flash ).


The image above is credible especially since it matches the revealings made by Steve Hemmerstroffer ( @oneleaks ), an insider who has the “bad habit” of providing fair information about Apple’s products. Moreover, the image also aligns itself with what Macotakara has revealed about the iPhone 11.

What is weird is that Mr. White thinks this image shows us the design of the future iPhone 11R, however previous leaks suggest that the iPhone 11R from 2019 will have a camera system with two cameras, the one that is currently implemented in the iPhone XS, and the three cameras will arrive on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max.

So, Apple joins the trends set by Huawei and Samsung and the next iPhone 11 smartphone will, for sure, come with three photo sensors: one for zoom, one for ultra wide and a standard photo sensor.

According to the latest information we have, the iPhone 11 Max will have a screen size of 6.4 inches and the storage space might go all the way up to 1 TB. Apple won’t make drastic changes regarding the screen size of the iPhone 11 and it will also come with the same design and the only visible change is the alignment of the three cameras on the back.


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