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Do you remember the 2005 DOOM movie, starring Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban in the leading roles ? If you do, you surely know that the first adaptation of the famous first person shooter game crated by id Software was not exactly very good and many DOOM fans were left disappointed.

Well, DOOM fans, things are about to get even worse: probably encouraged by the recent success of the newest DOOM video game as well as the by the fact that DOOM Eternal is anxiously expected by fans ( the release will most likely happen this year ), Universal 1440 Entertainment, one of the Universal Pictures Home Entertainment division, is working on a new DOOM movie that will be premiered in the fall of 2019.

The new DOOM movie is called DOOM: Annihilation and from what you can see in the trailer below, it is not something fans wanted from a DOOM movie: this is a direct to video movie ( that will be released straight on DVD or through a streaming service ), created with a low budget ( which is obvious if you look at the special effects in the trailer ) and we have a cast made out of not so popular actors.

A bit of good news is the fact that the story is close to what DOOM is about. The new DOOM movie is telling the story of a group of marines that answers the call of an emergency broadcast from one of Mars’ moons, where a space base has been invaded by daemons from Hell.

Tony Giglio is in charge of the DOOM: Annihilation script and directing ( S.W.A.T: Under Siege ) and in the leading roles we get Amy Manson ( Atlantis ), Dominic Mafham ( Ophelia ), Luke Allen-Gale ( Dominion ) and Nina Bergman ( The Car: Road to Revenge ).

DOOM: Annihilation will be premiered this fall. Also this year we expect to see the new DOOM Eternal game, developed by id Software and published by Bethesda.

DOOM: ANNIHILATION (2019) Exclusive Trailer “We Call it Hell” HD


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