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At the Cloud Next conference this year Google has announced many new things, including a new data storage system.

The new type of data storage is called cold storage. It is created to store inactive data and it’s a good solution to store the files you don’t use very often.

The classic storage solution is considered a bit more expensive in case the data you want to store is very big.

Cold storage is more convenient from many points of view. It is cheaper, it is bigger and ensures data durability. Still the speed at which you can access your data is not exactly very fast.

The new service will complete a service Google already in its portfolio, a  service named Nearline and Coldline. It is used to store big data that you don’t use often.

There are other cold storage solutions out there such as the Amazon S3 Glacier, for example. Amazon provides three ways to access the data archive and the best option requires a few minutes in order for you to access what you need. The cost of the service is $0.004 a month for every GB.

Google however brags with a better speed regarding data recovery. They are available right away, without any delay. However the prices are a bit higher. Prices start at $0.0012 / GB per month and they can go up to $1.23 / TB per month.

Very small prices seem to suggest that the service is not exactly perfect, which is actually true. For a smaller price Google can keep your data for a specific time period, according to Google executive Dominic Preuss.


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