The Netflix business model is constantly changing ever since the company decided to launch the video streaming platform world wide.

Initially only available in western markets, Netflix is now available world wide, and a world wide market means significant changes and notable differences when it comes to prices. Last year Netflix was considering raising the subscription price in Europe and now the company is testing new pricing packages for the Italian market. And the new prices are significant higher.

Even if the Netflix services are not the same in all countries, some getting more content for less money and others less content for more money, the subscription price has remained the same. However Netflix appears to be considering new possible strategies for Europe, planning to increase the price on some key markets.


Netflix users from Italy noticed significantly higher prices than before. There are users for whom the basic price has not changed, while the prices for Standard and Premium packages went up and there are also users who see higher prices for all three categories. It appears that Netflix is currently testing the new prices to see the effects they have on those who want to join Netflix for the first time.

The basic Netflix package has a price tag of 8 EUR in Italy, the Standard package costs 11 EUR while the Premium package costs 14 EUR.

Netflix has already reacted to these pricing tests and said that right now there are no definitive plans to increase the Netflix subscription price in Italy or in other countries. Not all users can see these prices and there is the possibility for these prices to never be implemented however this means that Netflix is considering changes in order to increase the revenue.


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