Netflix announced that the company has unexpected additional costs of $39 million because of content the company decided not to use. Netflix has not mentioned exactly what it is about, but sources close to the case revealed that Netflix was referring to two productions Kevin Spacey was supposed to star in.

The source said that these costs are about “House of Cards” and Netflix’s decision not to go forward with the “Gore” project in which Kevin Spacey was supposed to star in.

This shows how high financial costs are, costs generated by the recent sexual harassment scandals.

House of Cards was the first real success of Netflix after the show being released in 2013. Netflix announced that the House of Cards show will end after the sixth season, which is now in production and will begin airing in 2018. The decision was made a long time ago but it was announced after Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual harassment.

Netflix also announced that the Gore movie is now in post-production.

Kevin Spacey is not the only Netflix celebrity to be accused or sexual harassment. Netflix also cancelled a special stand-up starring Louis C.K, who was also accused of sexual harassment and actor Danny Masterson was fired from “The Ranch” because of rape allegations.


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