netflix money

A new study focused on the video streaming market suggests that Netflix “loses” approximately $200 million each month because of people who are using other people’s account without paying. It appears that this problem is not limited to Netflix as it also affects Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

We are referring to those who are using video streaming services without owning personal accounts, thus without paying. We’re not talking about people who illegally download content from the Internet.

Cord Cutting, the organization behind the study concluded that approximately 24 million Netflix users are using the service without paying a subscription. This means that every month Netflix provides $192 million worth of services to these users, or $2.3 billion worth of online streaming services each year.



It is interesting the fact that many users are saying that if they stopped having access to video streaming services without paying, they are willing to reach into their pockets and pay up. Approximately 60% of the people interviewed are willing to pay for Netflix, 37,8% are willing to pay for Hulu and only 27,7% would pay for Amazon Prime Video.


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