Netflix, one of the world’s biggest streaming service, continues to test out new prices for subscriptions to its services world wide and the newest option for clients in some regions is a subscription package at half price which can exclusively be used on smartphones and tablets.

The new Netflix subscription package is only available in India at the moment and it provides access to the entire Netflix collection in India. If testing turns out to be successful, this new mobile subscription package might be implemented in other countries as well.

A basic Netflix subscription that provides access to all TV shows on a single device at SD resolution has a price tag of 500 rupees in India. The new Netflix subscription for mobile has a price tag of only 250 rupees, which is approximately $3.7 and it can be used to access Netflix content only from mobile devices.

Considering that India is now the third biggest smartphones market in the world and the sales of cheap devices have exploded in the last few years, it makes sense for Netflix to provide such options in India. This decision has been made especially thanks to the fact that services exclusive to the region, which provide local content, already had low prices.

Netflix says that this new subscription package is just being tested. The new price will not be available for all users in India and it’s not clear whether it will be available for a limited time or if it will be permanently integrated in Netflix’s services package in India. A similar package has been introduced at the end of last year in Malaysia.

Considering that Netflix already has partnerships in Europe with telecom operators, providing streaming services subscriptions included in the phone’s subscription, there are chances for Netflix to release such a subscription in Europe as well.


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