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YouTube is looking into the possibility of adding a new storytelling format that might boost the number of views on the YouTube platform.

YouTube is planning to develop its own “choose your own adventure” programming. This means that you’ll be able to directly interact with the videos you’re watching on YouTube and to make choices that will influence the story of the video.

After Bandersnatch, the interactive Black Mirror episode on Netflix, people have started to get an appetite for this type for format. For this purpose YouTube is planning to also introduce similar interactive content on the video sharing platform.

This might even increase the number of views videos get on YouTube and the company will earn more money from advertising.

A special YouTube team will be in charge of developing this new interactive system for YouTube. Content creators have been tried for many years now to tell stories that lets users choose different paths but now the video technology is advanced enough so that big companies are willing to invest.

“We now have the tools and new opportunities to create and tell interactive stories” Susanne Daniels says, who is the head of original programming at YouTube.

Netflix already released many interactive children’s shows and the company announced that more interactive content will follow on the platform. The You vs Wild interactive series with the famous Bear Grylls will make its debut in April.

YouTube might be a serious rival for Netflix especially considering the fact that people can watch YouTube videos for free while they need to pay in order to access Netflix’s content.

YouTube already experimented with interactive ads. Still, interactive programming that YouTube wants to release now requires a much bigger investment so that videos can load without buffering.



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