nasa moon walk

NASA will have a budget of $21 billion for the year 2020, and some of the NASA plans for the next decade includes new long missions on the Moon and sending astronauts to Mars.

Jim Bridenstine, the Administrator of NASA, said in a statement that this is one of the biggest budgets ever to be received by NASA and it represents a huge “vote of confidence” given to the Space Agency.

“We’re going on the Moon in the next decade with new and innovating systems and technology for better exploration. This time, after we arrive on the moon, we’re going to stay. We’re going to use everything we learned to make another giant step, to send astronauts on Mars” Jim Jim Bridenstine says.

“With this budget we’re going to be successful on the low orbit of Earth to create an exploration campaign to combine NASA’s experience with that of our international and commercial partners” Jim Bridenstine also added. The administrator of NASA also said that new space ships will be launched again from the United States, for the first time since 2011.

“Starting with a series of small commercial missions on the Moon, scheduled this year, we’re going to use new ships, probes, robots and missions with human crew to do experiments on the entire surface of the Moon” the administrator says.

Jim Bridenstine also talked about the future exploration missions of the Europa satellite on the planet Jupiter but also about the launch of the James Webb space telescope. He also talked about roundtrips to the planet Mars.

“While we’re getting close to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission, in July, we’re focusing our attention on the Moon and Mars and we want people to come with us” the statement also says.

“NASA is everywhere and we have influence on people from all over the world. While we celebrate our past we’re going to be a source of inspiration for friends and families for the future we build” the statements ends.




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