Josh Gates will be the one who will reveal the contents of a mysterious 3000 years old  Egyptian sarcophagus, and the revealing will happen on April 7, live on the Discovery Channel.

The event will be live from Egypt and it will be a first in the history of TV. The sarcophagus will be opened by Josh Gates, the host of the Expedition Unknown series, who said that he doesn’t know what’s inside the sarcophagus.

This is the beauty of it, i don’t know what’s inside” Josh Gates says.

Josh will most likely find a mummy inside the sarcophagus especially since dozens of mummies were previously discovered in the place where the live broadcast will take place.

The team of the Expedition Unknown: Egypt TV series will visit many death chambers in the archeological site. Recently, archeologists discovered an underground network of tunnels and tombs with dozens of mummies who appear to be of people who played important roles in the Ptolemaic period.

The mummies were discovered at a depth of 9 meters at the Tuna El-Gebel archeological site, south of Cairo. Some mummies were covered in cloth while others were laid to rest in a wood or stone sarcophagus.

While the opening of the mystery sarcophagus live on TV is a special event, the bad news is that the live show can only be seen by viewers in the United States on the Discovery Channel.


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