Israeli archeologists recently discovered a 4000 years old dolmen in Northern Galilee.

The dolmen, megalithic funeral monument is decorated with artistic drawings which, according to archeologists, may be the first of this kind in the Middle East. The mysterious construction has been discovered nearly the Shamir kibbutz, in  a structure that contains other 400 megalithic elements, and the exclusivity of the discovery is represented by the artistic drawings made in the upper side of the monument.

“The drawing is a straight line that goes through the center of an arc. We found 15 engraved drawings on the roof of the monument” Uri Berger said, one of the archeologists.

Despite the clarity of the drawings, archeologist are now trying to decipher the meaning of this artistic ensemble but there’s a lot of work ahead before reaching a clear conclusion.

“There isn’t a similar example of shapes engraved on a rock in the entire Middle East so their meaning remains a mystery for now” Uri Berger also added. The monument is 20 feet high and it weights almost 50 tons.

The Shamir kibbutz  site in northern Israel provides proof that there was an organized culture in the Bronze Ages with a highly structured Governing system capable of building such monuments and later collapsed because it left no other architectonic evidence.

“The huge dolmen from the Shamir kibbutz suggests that existence of some public construction that needed a lot of work during that time” researcher Gonen Shared says, who is responsible with deciphering the engraved artistic drawings.


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