Multiple fatalities in Miami, Florida, United States of America after a pedestrian walkway that was under construction collapsed.

Images of the collapsed walkway was posted on social networks.

According to BBC, who cites local Miami news sources, the pedestrian walkway was lifted on Saturday and was not opened to the public yet.

At this time we don’t know exactly the number of people trapped under the debris of the collapsed walkway. The walkway was built above a freeway in the Florida International University area.

The university released a statement saying that rescue teams continue the rescue missions. Authorities asked locals to avoid the area.

The number of victims is unclear but the images aired by the local media show cars trapped under the debris.

According to the Miami Herald the pedestrian walkway was built at the request of the locals to avoid freeway traffic. In August of last year a college student died after he was hit by a car while crossing the freeway on foot. The walkway was 53 meters long, it was sustained by cables and the construction came at a cost of $14.2 million. The walkway was going to be officially inaugurated in 2019.

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