Nokia 3310, probably one of the most popular phone ever built by Nokia but also one of the most beloved phones in the world, has return, and did it with a bang.

We already knew for a while now that HMD Global, the company that currently owns the Nokia rights, wants to bring the Nokia 3310 phone back into attention. Now, 16 years after the launch of the original model, we’re getting a long awaited upgrade.

The new Nokia 3310 keeps the classic design of the popular phone, but it also introduces some design changes that transforms the Nokia 3310 phone into a modern one. So, the new Nokia 3310 comes with a color display bigger than the original. The new display has a 2.4 inches size and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

The battery of the new Nokia 3310f follows tradition but it packs significant improvements. The capacity of the new battery is 1200 mah and it is big enough to provide an autonomy of up to 22 hours talking time and according to HDM Global, the battery packs enough juice for 31 days in standing by. The battery can be removed, just like with the original model, and the phone can be charged with the help of a micro USB port.

The new Nokia 3310 also packs a 2  MP photo camera, which is enough when you need to take a quick photo and you have nothing else you can use. The phone runs on Nokia Series 30+ operating system and you can visit websites with the help of the Opera Mini web browser.

The new Nokia 3310 supports single and dual SIM.

If you’re thinking about the colors of the new phone, the new Nokia 3310 will be available in blue but also in gray.

The new Nokia 3310 will be available in stores at a price of about 49 EUR in the second quarter of 2017.

Are you going to get the new Nokia 3310 ?

( and in case you’re wondering, the new Nokia 3310 also packs the Snake game! )


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