13 years have passed since actor Christopher Reeve, the man who played Superman, passed away. If you’re a fan all you have to do is look at Christopher Reeve’s son and you will realize that the beloved actor is still with us.

Nearly 40 years ago the world received Superman played by Christopher Reeve and millions were ecstatic, which is not at all surprising considering the fact that Christopher Reeve looked amazing back then.

An accident he suffered in 1995 caused Christopher to become paralyzed from the neck down. Reeve continued to work: he wrote, he became involved in philanthropy, and he starred in movies despite the fact that he was paralyzed.

Reeve also had a full personal life. He fathered three children: Matthew and Alexandra ( from his relationship to Gae Exton ) and Will ( from his marriage to Dana Reeve, who also passed away in 2006 ).

Out of all his children, Will is the one who looks most like Christopher. Will is 25 years old and, just like his father, he also helps paralyzed people.

Will was very young when Christopher Reeve had that terrible accident and he was only 11 years old when the actor passed away. Two years after that Will also lost his mother to lung cancer.

Nowadays Will Reeve works for a radio station where he covers sports.


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