Microsoft Office App for Android reunites the most popular Microsoft Office suite apps under the umbrella of a single app that is very easy to install and use.

The app is called Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint & More, and this Office app for Android allows users to create, edit, and manage documents very easily directly using the Android smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to access and edit documents shared online, in work groups used by multiple employees of the same company ( for example, they can work together on Excel files ).

Microsoft Office app for Android includes all essential Office apps provided by Microsoft.

A feature that has been asked for mobile devices for a long time, support for converting images into PDF files, is also present. Additionally, the Microsoft Office for Android app can also convert Word, Excel or PowerPoint fiels in PDF. Those who want to sign their PDF files can also use a digital signature using the fingerprint reader of the Android device.


Other features of the new Microsoft Office for Android app also includes document transfer between the Android device and PC, as well as other mobile devices that can be accessed through Bluetooth. You can save notes using Sticky Notes and scan QR codes to open files and links.

Features available with the new Microsoft Office for Android app:

– create, edit and work on Office files in real time using your Internet connection.

– store and access documents in the cloud or in the internal memory of your mobile phone

– search feature for documents stored in the cloud, phone or in your organization ( if you’re using a work account ).

Features optimized for mobile devices which can help you create documents:

– convert the photo of a document in a editable Word file

– convert the image of a table in an Excel spreadsheet so you can edit the data

– design a PowerPoint presentation by simply selecting the images who want to use on your Android phone or tablet

– create digital versions of documents printed using the Office Lens features


Features often requested for mobile are available directly from the interface of the Microsoft Office for Android app:

– create PDF files from photos or Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

– sign PDF documents used the fingerprint reader of your Android phone or tablet

– store ideas using the Sticky Notes app

– transfer files between your Android phone or tablet and computer or other mobile devices using Bluetooth

– scan QR codes to open files and links


The new Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more app for Android will be available in the Google Play store but it does not replace the Office for Android apps already available through separate install such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Lens and One Note. Those of you who haven’t installed the above mentioned apps can use the more convenient alternative of installing just a single app.


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