Windows 7 has entered the last year of official support from Microsoft but this doesn’t mean that Windows 7 will not get a few important updates until it is officially declared “dead”.

Microsoft announced that DirectX 12 will become available for Windows 7 in an attempt of helping games developers provide better performance for compatible video cards.

The first game to benefit from DirectX 12 on Windows 7 will be World of Warcraft, which will soon receive an update for the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack which activates the compatibility. Blizzard asked Microsoft for this feature based on tests made on Windows 10 where switching from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12 brought more performance especially on computers equipped with multi-core processors.

Microsoft accepted Blizzard’s demand and now the company is working with other developers to allow the use of DirectX 12 in games on Windows 7. The process is a bit different compared to the full support of the API. Basically, Microsoft will accept signups for each game and will provide the developers with the software required. So, developing games using the DirectX 12 SDK, exclusively available for Windows 10 right now, will not be possible.

Microsoft also announced that Windows 7 users will again receive notifications asking them to upgrade to Windows 10. Basically, Microsoft wants to properly notify all Windows 7 users that they will stop receiving updates starting with next year. Unlike the intrusive notifications of last year, these new notifications can be disabled by users easily.

Microsoft also promises that the notifications won’t be very often as their role is to remind users that the deadline for no longer receiving Windows 7 updates is getting close.


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