The first HoloLens version has arrived to developers ever since last year but it will take a while until consumers will get their hands on this device.

According to some new information from within Microsoft, the Redmon giant has canceled the development plans of the second HoloLens version, which was scheduled to be released for developers in the near future as the company decided to focus its energy working on the third HoloLens version, a version that might even arrive in stores.

It’s not uncommon for a company to develop multiple hardware versions before the official release of a product, but Microsoft’s decision to simply cancel the second HoloLens version to speed up the third version suggests that Microsoft has a lot of confidence in this product.

Also, it seems that the release date of the HoloLens was also changed and the soonest we might see the new version in stores is 2019.

The advantages will be more powerful hardware, displays that will cover a wider visual range, better autonomy and a more comfortable experience. In all this time developers will have enough to get familiar with the device especially after Microsoft will integrate the Holographic initiative in Windows 10 with the launch of the Creators Update.

Apps compatible with Holographic virtual reality headsets will also be compatible with HoloLens, so by the time HoloLens arrives on the market in 2019 there will be many apps to choose from, hopefully.


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