michael b jordan black panther killmonger

Actor Michael B. Jordan had a critically acclaimed performance in the Black Panther movie, playing the role of Killmonger, but the method he used to get into character left a toll on his mental health.

Michael B. Jordan said on Oprah that isolation, to better identify with Killmonger, has affected him so much that he needed professional help.

“I went to therapy, i started to talk to people more, to get rid of the burden of the character. I spent a lot of time alone, thinking that the character had a lonely childhood.” Michael B. Jordan said.

“It was pretty hard for me to reconnect with the people that cared about me and the people i kept at a distance so I can better get into character. I rejected their affection and isolated myself the best I could. Our mind is very powerful. It makes the body go past a threshold you never thought possible, but I have to be honest, therapy helped me a lot. As a man it’s not an easy thing to admit but we all have to open up and talk about what we feel” Michael B. Jordan said.


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