Mercedes E Class Coupe
Mercedes E Class Coupe

Daimer, the owner of Mercedes Benz is accused of cheating regarding the pollution tests with a software that manipulates them. Daimer defends itself and says that the wrong conclusion is reached too soon.

After the Dieselgate scandal from Volskwagen, now there also are suspicions regarding Mercedes vehicles. Precisely, the Mercedes GLK 220 CDI is suspected of having used software to manipulate pollution tests between 2012 – 2015.

The investigation of the German authorities is tarting approximately 60,000 GLK 220 vehicles that, allegedly, cheated in pollution tests. World wide Daimler has re-called no less than 700,000 Mercedes cars.

The number is pretty big but Mercedes wants you to think that the media is exaggerating things.

Apparently, the software was installed and used only during testing and later it was removed through updates made by Daimler.

Daimler / Mercedes said that the company will fully cooperate with the authorities and the results will be made public. It’s less likely for these suspicions to grow into a scandal as big as Dieselgate but if the accusations are true Daimler will face the consequences.


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