Hero firefighter Jason Menard

A firefighter from Massachusetts was killing after he was able to save two of his colleagues from a burning house. This happened just a few hours before he was supposed to go to Disney World with his family.

The burning home was located in Worcester on Stockholm Street and the fire started at 1:00 AM on Wednesday. A woman and her baby were inside the building. Firefighters saved them but two firefighters were trapped inside the house.

Firefighter Jason Menard, 39 years old, was able to save his colleagues but in doing so he was trapped inside the house.

Jason Menard was able to throw one of his colleague out the window in order to save his life and he was also able to instruct the other colleague to the stairs in order to escape the fire.

The sister in law of Chris Pace, one of the firefighters saved by Jason Menard told the media: “Jason will always be our hero and we’re very thankful“.

The tragic event happened just a few hours before Jason Menard was supposed to take his family on a trip to Disney World.


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