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Many of the practices ( who are about collecting personal data ) of the big companies that provide internet access are not ethical, although they are – still – legal. Maybe this is why Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, only mentioned the word “ethics” once during his U.S. Congress hearing.

For many who watched the hearing, the way Mark Zuckerberg responded to questions made the mystery around the way Facebook works behind the scenes even bigger. Also, the hearing showed how little law makers know about the Internet.

The same questions were repeated by the House of Representatives after they had been asked a day before, and Zuckerberg decided not to talk about Facebook’s plans for the future. The company is now dealing with a serious image crisis.

Let’s take a look at a few interesting stats about the 10 hours hearing of Mark Zuckerberg:

Words said by Zuckerberg: 30.147

How many times was the world ethnics said: 1

References about the Facebook co-founder: 12

References about Diamond and Silk ( Lynnetete Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson ), Donald Trump supporters who pages were blocked: 9

How many times Mark Zuckerberg said that his team will get back with additional information about a topic: 23

References about the Birma and China censorship: 7

How many times Mark Zuckerberg stressed that Facebook is not selling data: 6

How many times Zuckerberg used the word “pipes” referring to the Internet: 6


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