bombings austin texas

The Texas police is on high alert after a forth bomb exploded in less than one month killing two people and wounding four.

The investigators said they don’t know the motive behind the series of bombings that started 17 days ago and publicly asked the attacker to contact law enforcing to reveal his demands.

The first three bombs were hidden in packages the bomber dropped in front of houses. The forth bomb was triggered on Sunday after a victim stepped on a trip wire. The police confirmed that all four bombs are of similar nature.

“We are clearly facing a serial killer using bombs” Brian Manley, the Austin Chief of Police said in a press statement nearby the place where the last bomb exploded.

Two men were wounded on Sunday after the forth bomb exploded. The police said that the bomb was triggered by one of the victims who stepped on a wire. The police also says that the last bomb is more advanced that the previous three.

The two wounded, aged 22 and 23, were taken to the hospital and their lives are not in danger right now.

Brian Manley also said that right now the investigation includes more than 500 federal agents and agents from other institutions. ” Right now there is an army of people in charge of the case. I am confident that we’re going to find and stop the attacker”.

A 39 years old man was killed on March 2, after the first bomb exploded. The second bomb exploded last Monday, killing a 17 years old girl. The mother of the girl was also nearby when the bomb exploded but she managed to escape with only a few wounds.

A few hours later a third bomb wounded a 75 years old woman. The police is also working on a theory that the attacker is targeting people of color but right now they are not sure because the last bomb was placed at random on the sidewalk.

The law enforcement agencies in Austin, Texas, urged the bomber to contact them to reveal the demands and motive behind the bombings.


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