A man sold his daughter to a another couple for approximately $10,000 in order to raise money so he can spend with his favorite girl on a video chat website.

The man, who lives in the Chinese province of Fujian, is the father of two small children – a boy and a girl – and says that his wife left home and couldn’t afford to raise two kids by himself. He was accused of child trafficking after the authorities established that he sold his daughter, in February.

According to local media sources, the man was presented to the buyers by two intermediaries at the beginning of this year. The buyers – the Chen family – live in the city of Fuzhour, 110 miles away from the man’s home. The couple have been dealing with fertility problems and the child they had died back in 2017 and they were hoping to be able to adopt another child.

After failing to adopt, the couple bought the little girl. The father and the Chan family signed a so called “adoption document” which is nothing else but a handwritten document signed by the three. The father was paid almost $10,000.

The investigators established that the man used all of the money on a video chat website. The illegal adoption was revealed a few months later after the Chen family tried to get an ID for the girl using a fake birth certificate.


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