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A few weeks before the documentary “Leaving Neverland” was aried by HBO, actor Macaulay Culkin ( known especially for his role in the Home Alone movies ) talked during a podcast about the accusations against Michael Jackson but also about the relationship he had with the singer.

Macaulay Culkin was invited 8 weeks ago to the “Inside of You” podcast during which he defended Michael Jackson, as he has done so in the past many times.

Culkin said:

It is very simple to say that our relationship was weird or something like that but it wasn’t because it made sense. He contacted me because big things happened to me very fast. I think he saw himself in me.

Macaulay Culkin said that he behaved normally around Michael Jackson, the singer who is still adored by millions.

“I think it’s one of the reasons we understood each other so well. Everybody was behaving differently around him so when someone treated him like a normal person.. It’s so simple” Macaulay Culkin said.


How Macaulay Culkin Looks like now

Macaulay Culkin rarely talks about the sex abuse accusations against Michael Jackson even now. In all this time Macaulay Culkin defended Michael and always said that their relationship was not sexual. Macaulay Culkin even testified in court during the 2005 lawsuit against Michael Jackson.

On the other hand, Macaulay Culkin said that he slept many times in the same bed with Michael Jackson and he confirmed the existence of a warning system on the way to Michael’s bedroom notifying him when someone gets close to the bedroom.

The “Leaving Neverland” documentary tells the story of two men – James Safechuck and Wade Robson – who claim they were abused by Michael Jackson when they were growing up.


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