lufthansa planes
Lufthansa Planes

On Thursday and Friday air company Lifthansa will cancel approximately 1300 flights because of the UFO syndicate strike, a syndicate that represents flight crew in Germany and approximately 180.000 passengers are affected by this measure.

UFO decided to go on strike for 48 hours as part of a bigger dispute with the biggest air company in Germany. The problems are salaries and the legal status of the UFO syndicate.

The strike will start on Wednesday and will end on Friday.

On Wednesday Lufthansa announced that a special flight plan will be presented and passengers will be able to check their status on the official company website.

Lufthansa also made assurances that on Thursday the company will be able to operate 2.300 out of the 3.000 flights and 2400 out of the 3000 flights planned for Friday.

Other companies owned by Lufthansa such as Swiss, Austrian, Edelweiss and Brussels Airlines are not affected by the UFO strike but German subsidiaries such as Eurowings might be affected.


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