The March 22, 2017 terrorist attack in London has brought attention back to the Safety Check feature of Facebook, a feature used to notify your friends and family that you are safe.

The Safety Check feature is being used on Facebook in different situation,s being introduced on the social network back in 2014. Since that time until November of 2015, the purpose of the app was to be activated after a natural disaster, so that users from an affected region can notify their friends and family that they are safe.

After the Paris terrorist attacks back in November of 2015, the Safety Check feature was activated for the first time for an event other than a natural disaster. The London terrorist attacks is the forth time when the feature is activated because of a terrorist attack after the events that took place in Turkey and Nigeria.

The London terrorist attack took place yesterday afternoon. The attack targeted the Parliament building in Westminister. Following the attack, five people lost their lives and a few dozens were wounded.

Eyewitnesses say that they saw a car on the sidewalk of Westminister Bridge before crashing into the crowd. The drive arrived in front of the Parliament and forced his way through a security checkpoint where he also stabbed a police officer to death.

During such times, Facebook has become a very precious tool people are using, especially the Safety Check feature to announce that they are safe.


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