youtube shooting scene

Police officers in San Bruno, California, responded to call from YouTube headquarters after hearing multiple gun shots inside the company’s HQ. A eyewitness says one person was killed.

Multiple YouTube employees turned to Twitter to announce that a person opened fire inside the San Bruno headquarters of the company.

UPDATE: in a press statement, the police says the attacker is a woman and she was killed by police officers. Also, police informs three wounded were found and they were taken to the hospital. At this time the police is still investigating the building, searching for another potential shooter.

Many ambulances arrived on the scene while police shutdown traffic nearby. According to an eyewitness interviewed by CBS at least three people were shot, and one was killed. Nearby hospitals confirmed they received multiple patients.

YouTube project manager Todd Sherman said he was in the building when he heard people running in the hallways. When he exited the conference room he noticed “blood on the flood and stairs”.

Google, the company that owns YouTube, says they are cooperating closely with law enforcement.



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