liam neeson

Actor Liam Neeson says he is not a racist after he said in an interview that, in the past, he wanted to kill a black man in order to get revenge on the fact that someone close to him was raped.

On Monday, Liam Neeson said that 40 years ago he wondered the streets mostly frequented by African American people, armed with a baseball bat in order to kill someone with the purpose of getting revenge because a woman close to him was raped by an African American man.

After these statements were made, Liam Neeson was accused of racism.

However, in a phone intervention on “Good Morning America” on ABC, Liam Neeson said: ” I am not a racist. If my friend would have said that an Irishman or a Scottish man or a British man or a Lithuanian man raped her, i would have had the same reaction. I am not a racist”.


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