lg microled display

Although no official announcement has been made yet, LG has registered three new names to be used in Europe and all three refer to microLED displays.

The new names we can expect to see in technical specifications lists of future LG smartphones are: XµLED, SµLED and XLµLED.

It remains to be seen how inspired are the names LG has chosen however according to official documents LG intends to use these names to promote smartphones.

new LG smartphone names

At the moment the only product that has been conformed with microLED display is a 146 inches TV called The Wall, which was presented by Samsung at CES 2018. However the microLED technology is modular which means that manufacturers can build even smaller displays such as monitors for computers, VR accessories or smartphones.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have too many details about how far along LG is in releasing a phone with microLED display.

What we do know right now is that the next LG G7 smartphone will come with a MLCD+ display, which has been chosen as an alternative to P-OLED screens as the development of these screens was stopped.


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