Although for sure not all users want this, most smartphones manufactures  are now following the new trend created by Apple by borrowing the design of the iPhone X screen on most  high end smartphones that will hit the market this year.

Considering the modest success of late, the decision of leaving originality aside in favor of a recipe already tested by other companies is something very understandable when dealing with a small manufacturer. Yes, the market leaders such as Apple and Samsung can afford to set trends, but for others success might depend on copying the most powerful trend. Far from being an offense, the “clone” label can be attached to most smartphones that will hit the market this year and this is not exactly a very good thing.

In this case, the LG G7 Neo seems a successful attempt and the high end configuration recommends it as one of the most powerful iPhone X clones on the market right now. Happily, LG has kept the classic design on the back, and the company just changed the two photo cameras. We can also find the traditional Power key with a fingerprint reader. Unlike the iPhone X, the LG G7 Neo keeps the curved edges design on the back also.

Under the hood, the new LG flagship comes with the Snapdragon 845 chipset that is also being used by the Galaxy S9 smartphone, helped by 6 GB of RAM memory. Based on the budget, the storage space can go up to 128 GB. The piece of resistance is the 6 inches display with 3120 x 1440 pixels resolution.

Unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer until we get our hands on the complete list of specifications and official photos.


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