Legendary Larry King, who is now 84 years old, is accused by Terry Richard, the former wife of the late singer and actor Eddie Fisher, of sexual assault. Apparently, Larry King has indecently touched her twice during some public events. Larry King denies the allegations.

Terry Richard, 63 years old, says that the incidents happened in 2005 and 2006 at some baseball award ceremonies at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles. In 2005, while they were taking their photo together at the event, Terry claims that Larry King put his hand under her dress and kept his hand there for a few seconds.

” I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I froze and I forced myself to smile in front of the camera” Terry Richard says.

“Larry King had a glorious smile on his face. I said nothing because i wanted to avoid making a scene. I should have slapped him in the face but he was supposed to say a speech at the event. It was horrible. What amazed me is that he didn’t cared I was somebody’s wife at the time. My child was also present at the event, i was working and I was older than 50. There is no age limit when it comes down to sex abuse” Eddie Fisher’s former wife said.

Terry Richard

One year after this incident, Terry Richard remembers that during a different event she was again sexually abused by Larry King, although she tried to avoid him all evening.

“My photographer asked us to pose together and this time I was wearing a short dress. I thought this old man won’t do anything now so I accepted. Well, he grabbed my ass so hard I had a bruise for a week. This time I screamed and Larry left my side instantly. He took his wife and left the event. I was shocked” Terry Richard says.

The 2005 photo of Larry King and Terry Richard

Terry Richard claims that she hasn’t seen Larry King since then, however she expects him to make an apology. ” I don’t need money from him, i need an apology. He has a wife and daughter. How will he feel if something like this happens to them ? Larry assaulted me in front of the camera because he knew I can’t react. He made a habit out of this because he knew I couldn’t do anything” Terry Richard, the former wife of Eddie Fisher says.

“Larry has two young boys. I hope he didn’t thought them to act the same” Terry Richard also added. Terry said that she decided to come forward now because many other women are now coming forward with similar stories about famous Hollywood men.

According to the Daily Mail, Larry King’s lawyer said that Terry Richard’s accusations are completely false.


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