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Lady GaGa’s rival for the new Cleopatra movie is none other than Angelina Jolie. Angelina has often said that she would like to play Cleopatra very much.

According to The Daily Star, Lady GaGa has huge chances of landing the role of Cleopatra in the new movie produced by Sony Pictures.

Until now Angelina Jolie was considered one of the favorites, ever since 2014 and she said many times that she would like to play this role and then retire from acting. The Daily Star says that Lady GaGa and Angelina Jolie both want to play Cleopatra so much that the producers will have to host a special audition for each of them, which is a bit strange because A list celebrities don’t audition much for roles.

The new Cleopatra movie is described as a suspenseful political thriller from the perspective of a woman.

Back in 1963, the role of Cleopatra was majestically played by late actress Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth’s salary was $1 million ( which was a lot back then ). Elizabeth Taylor’s salary along with the huge production budget of the movie nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox studio.


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