kim kardashian naomi campbell

Kim Kardashian wore many outfits lately that were first presented by super model Naomi Campbell and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star said that inspiration is not really an homage: ” She and I talked and laughed about this because it has become so big. I was always straight forward with her, in privacy, about how she represents my inspiration in fashion. She’s one of the most beautiful and most iconic persons regarding fashion” Kim told People magazine.

The fans noticed the similarity between the outfits worn by Kim and those worn by Naomi after Kim Kardashian appeared in two Versace silver dresses, a Versace silk dress and an animal print overalls created by Alaia. Also, Kim wore many outfits inspired by Naomi Campbell in the past, including accessories. Even Kylie Jenner is inspired by Campbell any now and then.

Rumors and Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell are involved in a conflict appeared after Naomi posted a photo on Instagram Stories taken during the Versace show in the fall of 1996 in which she presented the silk dress Kim wore at the Chance the Rapper wedding.



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