According to investigations by a German journalist named Ronald Eikenberg, KasperSky Antivirus is injecting JavaScript code in websites displayed by web browsers. This is something Kaspersky has been doing for years and according to the journalist this facilitates tracking user behavior online.

The JavaScript code injected by Kaspersky includes a unique identifying number which is replicated on all websites visited from a device. The problem is that once it is added to the structure of the website, the code used by Kaspersky is visible for other JavaScript elements used on websites to assign an identity to each device people are using, the information later being used to observe user behavior and serve personalized ads.

Different than simple cookie files, the ID assigned by Kaspersky to each device it runs on cannot be hidden or blocked by conventional methods, so if you’re thinking of deleting your browser history this will have no effect.

Kaspersky has been contacted to provide details and the company has confirmed the issue saying that this happens for every antivirus software developed by Kaspersky and this problem can be fixed by upgrading to the latest Kaspersky Antivirus version.


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