julian assange arrested
Julian Assange has been arrested

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, explained why the asylum for Julian Assange has been revoked: the president says that Julian Assange has repeatedly broken the terms of the diplomatic asylum convention.

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been arrested after spending seven years hiding at the Ecuador embassy in London, based on an arrest warrant issued on June 22, 2012 for failing to appear in court. Assange was taken to the police station in London where he will remain until appearing in front of Westminister judges. The police announced that they were granted entry into the Ecuador embassy after Julian Assange lost his asylum.

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, released a video on Twitter explaining why he withdrew the asylum for Julian Assange. Moreno said that Julian Assange has repeatedly broken the terms of his asylum, referring to the most recent release of some Vatican documents by WikiLeaks.

He installed electronic devices that were not allowed. He blocked security cameras. He had confrontations and wrong behavior with the guards. He accessed the embassy’s files without permission. He claimed that he is isolated and rejected the Internet connection provided by the embassy but he had access to a phone he used to communicate with the outside world” President Lenin Moreno says.

Two days ago, Wikieaks threatened the Ecuadorian Government. The Government has nothing to hide and its not afraid. Ecuador the the letter of the law and international law and protects Ecuadorian interests” President Lenin Moreno also said.

The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Jeremy Hunt, thanked Ecuador and said that Julian Assange is not a hero: ” Julian Assange is not a hero and nobody is above the law. He has been hiding for many years. I thank Ecuador and President Lenin Moreno for the cooperation” Jeremy Hunt posted on Twitter.

Not everybody is happy with the arrest of Julian Assange as Russia has voiced its criticism through Maria Zakharova, theĀ  Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. She described the arrest of Julian Assange as the “hand of democracy that strangles freedom”. ” This man is a father, a son, a brother. He won dozens of awards for journalism. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize every year since 2010. Powerful entities, including the CIA, made a sophisticated effort to cancel his legitimacy and throw him in jail” the Russian organization said.

Elizabeth Massi Fritz, the lawyer of one of the two women who accused Julian Assange of rape, told the media that she’s going to do everything in her power to make sure the investigation into the rape is re-opened and Assange extradited and charged in Sweden.


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