Director Todd Phillips is now very busy with the post-production stage of the “Joker” movie. Most recently, the director shared with his fans a photo of Arthur Fleck while watching an old TV, most likely from the 1980’s.

Played by Joaquin Phoenix, Fleck aka Joker, appears to be viewing a video while he keeps his finger on the VCR and carefully watches the screen. Although there is no confirmation, fans speculated that the character might watch a montage of himself during a stand-up comedy act before transforming himself into the Clown Prince of Crime.


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The photo Todd Phillips released on Instagram caused speculations according to which the first official trailer of the new Joker movie will also be rolled out very soon. Shooting has ended in December of last year and we haven’t heard a lot of details about the status of the project so far.

The new Joker movie will be officially released in October of this year but this is the only official detail the director and his crew released.

The project is surrounded by mystery and it is said that it focuses on a symbolic character, telling a story that has never been told on the big screen before.

The Joker movie, produced by Martin Scorsese, is inspired by movies such as King of Comedy or Taxi Driver and the bottom line of the movie is to present a character despised by society, a character that becomes much more than just a social case.


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