John Cena gets leading role in Duke Nukem

After in while of hearing only rumors about bringing Duke Nukem on the big screen, the movie has been approved for production with John Cena in the leading role.

“We’re working. Everything is about the tone. How to make it to get something similar to Deadpool ? We have quite a lot of work to do and we think that if we can’t come up with something similar we’re not going to do the movie” producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller said. At the moment the Duke Nukem movie doesn’t have a writer or director.

Producers have another big problem: making the Duke Nukem character relevant to the new generation. The gaming franchise released by Apogee Software Ltd ( now known as 3D Realms ) was a big hit in the 90’s and the game was relaunched in 2011.

John Cena, former professional wrestler, seems to be a very good choice for playing the Duke Nukem character. John Cena also starred in Daddy’s Home, The Marine, Trainwreck and he is also going to star in the Bumblebee spin-ff.


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