Warner Bros. is considering actor Joaquin Phoenix for the role of Joker in a new movie about the famous villain. According to Variety magazine, Todd Phillips, who is in charge of the new movie, has already met with the actor.

The movie will take place outside the DC universe ( Jared Leto played the Joker in Suicide Squad ). The story will take place in the 80s and the movie will be a cop drama similar to Taxi Driver, exploring the way a regular person transforms into the legendary clown.

The role was initially offered to Leonardo DiCaprio but Leo turned it down. It is not the first time when Joaquin Phoenix is wanted to play a major role in comic books movies. Joaquin turned down the role of Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman and he also turned down the role of Doctor Strange.

Todd Phillips and Scott Silver will write the script of the movie, a movie that also benefits from the help of legendary Martin Scorsese.



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