Well, Jennifer and Marc are together again. They stayed very close friends even if it’s been seven years since they ended their marriage thorough a divorce.

On Monday the two met to celebrate the birthday of their twins, Emme and Max.

Jennifer and Marc spent the day together celebrating the twin’s birthday with the Godfathers of Emme and Max, Leah Remini and her husband, Angelo Pagan.

Leah Remini released a photo alongside Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.

Marc and Jennifer surprised their fans at the end of last year at the Latin Grammy awards by kissing each other. The next day Marc Anthony announced that he’s getting a divorce from model Shannon de Lima. At that time Jennifer Lopez was already single for more than three months.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are currently working together on a new album. This is Jennifer’s album, it will be in Spanish and Marc Anthony is producing it. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez got married in 2004, six month after Jennifer Lopez ended her engagement to actor Ben Affleck. Jennifer and Marc got divorced in 2011 but it seems like they’re together again, maybe unofficially yet but we believe they’re getting there.


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